Every Little Helps


2 million tonnes of household food is discarded each year because it's not ‘used in time’, half of which is thrown away whole or in unopened packaging, costing consumers around £2.4bn.


Supermarkets are making big steps to reduce environmental impact of food waste, such as selling wonky veg, but this push doesn’t continue outside the store and into consumer’s homes. 


Expand the ‘every little helps’ ethos to include helping the environment.


QR codes allow customers to automatically add use-by reminders to their phone for their weekly purchases

Try scanning

the QR code with

your phone


Reminders also suggest recipes that use ingredients that are nearing the use-by dates
In Store
3 in 10 shopping bags will resemble bin bags to represent the proportion of food that goes to landfill
Till conveyor belt stickers show that 30% of food placed on them will end up in the bin

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